QBL PA work and storm damage

Now when the winter has come and outdoor work has pretty much stopped, I’ve started the work on the QBL amplifier. I got some transformers from SM3MXR and also a tube in good condition plus some parts for the sockets, thank you Einar!

Also we suffered from one of the worst storms for a long time @SJ2W. Luckily everything was fine except the driven element of the 40m top yagi twisted on the boom, but it’s an easy fix. A couple of trees fell as well and THAT is the reason why I don’t want big trees close to guy wires because they can’t be trusted!

  1. Hallå Mike!

    Hur ser det ut med g1-regulator pcb´t? Jag är fortfarande sugen på att köpa 2st när/om det är möjligt.
    73´s de sm2vki

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