Autumn work

I’ve been a bit sloppy with the updates lately, sorry for that but I will try to update more frequently now again. What has happened lately is that I have given up the hope of getting the military tower up this year, right now outside its snowing and the ground is so wet from all rain that it will not be possible to either make the foundation or get a crane in there. The house work this summer just took too long time, so hopefully next year in the spring we will continue the work of this tower and also make everything ready to put up the 60m tower next winter.

So SM2XJP came up with the good idea to finish the WARC tower installation this autumn instead, thus making it one less thing to do next year. So me and SM2XJP spent the weekend building a 7el yagi for 6m that I designed with 8m boom. The boom comes from an old TH6 that I made a bit longer. The antenna will be placed about 19.5-20m above ground in the WARC tower and we will move the WARC duobander as well from the 60m tower. Left to do on the 6m beam is installing a vertical boom support and add a coaxial cable with balun to it. Hopefully the SWR looks as it should. The WARC duobander need to be adjusted a bit to get the resonance at the right frequency but that is an easy task. I will also need to build antenna switches, one 1×6 switch that will be located up in the WARC tower and a 2×6 switch to be located in the house so that we can route the main radio in the shack or remote radio to either the regular antenna switch system or to the WARC tower. This to make avoid running such long cables out to the switch room.

In two weeks I will meet with a forest company doing some work on my neighbors land and since they are so close they will do the work making room on my land for the new 60m tower. That will save us A LOT of time and hopefully bring in some money for the project as well.

I’ve also been trying the remote out and it works so great. Thanks to Ojojoj Music AB, Remoterig and SG3P for making it possible. It is really, really fun to be able to control the station and work QSOs during the week days when I am up at the work QTH. Now only the tower rotation is left to do which will be a high priority during the autumn and winter.

SA2BZE also came by and worked some QSOs in SAC SSB with his own call (SJ2T), but propagation’s were really, really horrible. I heard that SK2T who are not far away from us had a few hours in the night which delivered 1q/h. Fun to work radio from SM2 😉

I’ve also cleaned the yard up for the winter, which seem to have been just in time since it started to snow today. I doubt this snow will stay since its so early but if it does and you have stuff outside, its very easy to damage it during the winter when the tractor shovels the snow etc.

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