SK2AU visit

The local radio club SK2AU had planned a visit to SJ2W this Saturday. When they arrived I was still up in the tower but SM2XJP and SM2LIY gave them a little tour of the station. When I gotten down from the tower we took a tour around the property and we showed them the place and the future plans for the QTH. After that we drank some coffee and talked about various things. It seemed like the did enjoy the visit.

Visitors from SK2AU were, SM2XLL, SM2XJP, SM2ALV, SM2DLA, SM2RMG and SA2AIE and also Leif.

After the SK2AU guys left, SM2OKD showed up with two friends. We had just finished eating some sausages so the BBQ was still warm and SM2OKD cooked some more sausages for his friends. When they were about to leave SM2NOG showed up with SM2HWG. They had been in Sikeå lifting up two boats and SM2NOG had some cables and I-beams with him that he dropped off.

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