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Forgotten pictures

Here are three more pictures from the first weekend at the QTH. I forgot about these that I had on my own camera.

Son of SM2XJP, SM2XJP himself and SM2LIY preparing to put up the FD-4

SM2LIY pulling the end of one of the FD-4 legs over the tree

SM2XJP taking apart the fishing pole after a successful antenna launch

Moving towers and cutting down trees

This weekend a lot of work has been done. SM2SYV helped us to move the 60m tower and antennas from the old village of Sika to the new place with a truck. This was a HUGE help since with a normal trailer after a car it would have been many trips and we would also have needed to dissamble a lot of the booms etc.

Other stuff done during the weekend was that me and SM2XJP went down and picked up the aluminium towers from Sika since we didn’t manage to stuff those on the truck in the first trip. These tower don’t way much though (you lift them yourself with one hand) and was an easy task. It was harder to move the rotator for the 60m tower but we managed to do that as well.

We also noticed that it would be very tight for the crane to be able to pass the 80M 4SQ to get to the location for the future 60m tower and we decided to cut down some of the forrest and move it further in. We still have a few trees to cut down to get the 80M 4SQ up but it’s very close now.  In two weeks we will probably also dig the holes for the 60m tower and it’s guy anchors so we can get those prepared for the winter.

Luckily we got to borrow a tractor with a timber wagon (which has got a crane) and that helps us A LOT when removing the trees.

Here are some pictures:

SM2SYV was our driver

That is a OH8QD 60m high rotatable tower and a lot of yagis + 80M 4SQ

This is a huge help when taking down trees

More pictures from the weekend

SM3JLA sent me some pictures he took from the weekend too. Here they are!

SM2LIY trying to figure out something

This is what will keep the station warm, except for the amps of course 🙂

And fuel is needed to build a station

SM2WMV and SM2XJP discussing things during a lawn mower break

SM2LIY mowing the lawn

Another place for guest ops to sleep. I don’t think we’ll get this one floating again.

More pix to come after this weekend!

Pictures from the weekend

Here are a few pictures that were taken during the weekend. Unfortunatly I (SM2WMV) forgot his camera at the QTH and the only one who sent pictures to me so far has been Lars, SM2HWG.

SM2WMV unlocking the door for the first time

SM2LIY beside the guest operator house

SM2XJP, SM2WMV and the son of SM2XJP

SM2HWG enjoying the registration plate of SM2XLL

SM2WMV in the barn

SM2XJP with son trying to get the FD-4 up

SM2WMV and SM2LIY listening to the bands for the first time