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Welding cart finished

Me and my girlfriend went down to SJ2W this weekend. The plan was to head down on Thursday but a friend needed help with the foundation for his 300m2 house (we fixed 100m2 of this foundation now) and it was good to practice on a friends foundation before trying to do my own. I have some plans to make a 100m2 machine workshop in the near future at SJ2W so I can have a proper place to work on my projects. So we went down on Friday instead and the weather was quite bad during most of the weekend. I did cut some grass and did some other stuff as well such as completing the welding cart. I need to make some small additions to it but then its ready for paint and I am quite happy with the result. Now it’s a lot quicker when I need to weld to just roll out the cart and I’m ready to go.

Basement work contd…

Another long weekend at SJ2W. I went down on Wednesday with my girlfriend who unfortunately had to leave on Friday back up north again. However I spent most of my time down in the basement getting everything ready for the concrete pour. I am not a very patient guy who doesn’t like to ask too much for help, so I ended up mixing the concrete myself which was a bit hard work but after 3.5 hours of continues work all concrete was poured. The result is OK, not as good as I had hoped though since I didn’t get the floor very even but it’s not a problem.

I also bought a MIG/MAG welder today, an American quality brand Miller and it’s a 3-phase 240A so should be pretty useful.

Basement work

Since the water damage we had in the basement a couple of years ago the operators have slept in the kitchen, which is far from optimal both from my point of having beds in the kitchen, but also from the operators view of getting sleep during SSB contests. So now I am working in the basement to get the operators their room back and also for me to have a little office space when I try to do my regular job stuff from SJ2W.

I am putting down floor heating even though it won’t be connected in the near future, but at least I have the option in the future if changing the house heating system to a water based system instead of direct electric heating.

Hopefully we’ll get some people together in the near future so we can do the big concrete pour (mixing ourselves).

By the way, very important news! I got a new coffee maker for SJ2W so now nothing will be able to stop us 😉

The good old days!

I got a picture sent to me from SM2ODB of when we used to be @SM2HWG many years ago, I think this was 2001 or 2002 during the IARU contest were we worked as SK9HQ. SM2ODB worked with SM2DMU on 10m SSB at DMUs QTH with his big 36el array and we did 20 and 15m CW from SM2HWG.

SM2WMV and SM2LIY standing up with SM3JLA sitting down at the radio